Text for Action: Mobilize People with SMS

With the power of Twilio and Upland Mobile Commons, you can reach the people you serve on the channels they prefer, wherever they are.

Creating Impact with a Text

With Twilio and Upland Mobile Commons, DoSomething.org activates a base of 3.5 million young people to make a positive impact in their communities. SMS messaging allows DoSomething to reach people where they are - their mobile phones - at scale.

Why SMS Works


SMS is natively supported on all mobile phones and used by nearly everyone. In fact, 97% of Americans use messaging at least once a day.


90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, making SMS both a fast and reliable way to ensure your message is received when it matters.


In a recent consumer survey, Twilio found that 9 out of 10 people would like to use mobile messaging to communicate with organizations.


Text messages provide a safe and private way for your audience to communicate with you about sensitive subjects.


SMS is asynchronous. Both parties don’t need to be available at the same time to send and receive messages.


Not everyone has a smartphone – 29% of Americans earning under $30,000 use a feature phone. With SMS, your message is delivered on any device with or without an internet connection.

Why Twilio

Most Trusted

With over 40,000 customers and over 1.6 million developers using our platform, Twilio is the most trusted partner for building SMS communications.

Highest Reliability

Twilio consistently delivers 99.999% uptime, ensuring that your message is delivered when it matters.

Speed to Production

Twilio’s APIs are designed by developers for developers enabling you to do more with less code.


Twilio is more than SMS. You can use same APIs to add MMS, voice, video, 2-factor authentication and more, to take your communications across channels, securely.

Dedicated to Serving Nonprofits

At Twilio.org, our mission is to help drive your mission forward. We serve over 1,200 nonprofits across 78 countries.

World Class Partners

No developer? No problem. With Upland Mobile Commons and our partner network, you can access the full power of the Twilio platform through simple, flexible, and fast drag and drop interfaces.

Why Upland Mobile Commons

Enterprise Grade

The Upland Mobile Commons platform is open source and scalable – designed for organizations of all sizes, built to support you as you grow, and easily integrates into your existing systems.

User Friendly

Send text messages, direct phone calls, and set up mobile fundraising campaigns through a user friendly dashboard.

Deep Mobile Expertise

Work with a team of mobile strategists that have launched messaging campaigns with nonprofits ranging from the Sierra Club to the Brady Campaign.

Automated Personalization

Harness extensive data and insights to automate personalized messages and drive deep engagement with your community.

A $500 kickstarter credit—enough for roughly 80,000 text messages.

A 25% discount on Twilio pricing.


Access to all Twilio resources, including tutorials, guides, and customer support.

Work with a Partner

Work with one of our world-class partners like Upland Mobile Commons to start activating your community with Twilio today, no coding required.

Build Your Own Solution

Are you or another person at your organization a software developer? Start building a solution today with our API platform and a few lines of code.