Twilio Volunteer Communications

Activate and mobilize volunteers quickly and efficiently. With Twilio, you create custom video, voice, and messaging communications that engage your supporters and scale as your network grows.

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Act fast

Dispatch large groups of volunteers and supporters without delay during emergencies or fast-moving crises.

Build momentum

Keep people motivated and expand your base with sophisticated, personalized communications campaigns.


Grab people’s attention

Amplify your message by communicating through the channels people use most.

The American Red Cross Staffs Volunteers 50% Faster Using Twilio SMS

Every moment counts when you’re coordinating disaster response. Unnecessary phone calls add up quick and can cost volunteers precious time. To streamline their emergency dispatch process, the Red Cross in Chicago and Northern Illinois deployed an Incident Management and Volunteer Scheduling system powered by Twilio.

Why Twilio for Volunteer Communications

Most Trusted

With over 40,000 customers and over 1.6 million developers using our platform, Twilio is the most trusted partner for building custom communications.

Highest Reliability

Twilio consistently delivers 99.999% uptime, ensuring that you connect when it matters most.

Speed to Production

Twilio’s APIs are designed by developers for developers enabling you to do more with less code.

Extendable and Secure

With Twilio, you can use the same APIs to add SMS, MMS, voice, video, 2-factor authentication and more, to take your communications across channels, securely.

Dedicated to Serving Nonprofits

At, our mission is to help drive your mission forward. We serve over 1,500 nonprofits across 78 countries.

World Class Partners

No developer? No problem. With our partner network, you can access the full power of the Twilio platform through simple, flexible, and fast drag and drop interfaces.

$500 USD Kickstart Credit

$500 kickstart credit—enough for roughly 80,000 text messages.

Nonprofit discounts on Twilio pricing.


Volunteer developer support through the Impact Corps.