Who we have funded so far


WeRobotics enables local experts in 25+ countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America to take leadership roles in the responsible and ethical use of drones, data and AI to solve the most pressing social challenges.

Vibrant Emotional Health

Vibrant Emotional Health aims to build a society in which emotional wellness can be a reality for everyone by providing people with emotional support and care when, where, and how they need it.


Turn2Me uses technological solutions to provide people with professional mental health support, promote mental wellbeing and prevent suicide.

Trans Lifeline

Trans Lifeline is a trans-led organization that connects trans people to the community, support, and resources they need to survive and thrive.

Translators Without Borders

Translators without Borders innovates to get the world’s most vulnerable people information that they need and want in a language and format they understand.


Thorn builds technology to defend children from sexual abuse.

The Steve Fund

The Steve Fund supports the mental and emotional health of students of color through multicultural on-campus and virtual mental health service provision.

St. James Infirmary

St. James Infirmary is a peer-based occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers of all genders.

Rescue America

Rescue America empowers survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation to exit the life via a 24/7 hotline and emergency assessment program.


Refugees United, the world’s largest missing persons platform for refugees and displaced populations, uses mobile solutions to help refugee families escaping from conflict reconnect with missing loved ones.


rAInbow, built by AI for Good, is a smart companion for people at risk of domestic abuse.


Polaris, a leader in the fight to eradicate sex and labor trafficking, responds to immediate needs of victims and survivors and leverages the insight and data from more than 10 years of response to formulate and implement innovation strategies aimed at dismantling the systems that make the crime profitable and possible.

Objective Zero

Objective Zero uses mobile app technology to connect the military community with peer support, wellness, and mental health resources to combat suicide.


notOK App's mission is to make it easier for people to reach out when they’re not okay by taking the guesswork out of asking for help.

National Center for Victims of Crime

The National Center for Victims of Crime works to help victims of crime rebuild their lives by building trusted resources for victims and advocating on their behalf.

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

myPlan, launched by Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, expands access to safety planning for people experiencing abuse from an intimate partner by providing a web and mobile resource to privately assess the health and safety of a relationship, get personalized information to make decisions about safety, and connect to resources.


ISeeChange’s platform and community pilots empower residents to track and understand local weather and climate to adapt to change.


ETR (Education, Training and Research) advances health equity by designing science-based solutions to support youth, families and communities.

Crisis Response Network

Crisis Response Network is dedicated to helping individuals in crisis by providing services, including crisis call center support, mobile emergency dispatch, and rapid response stabilization.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the nation's first hospital devoted exclusively to the care of children, seeks to foster discoveries that improve pediatric healthcare and save children’s lives.


CARE works globally to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice, through programs in humanitarian crisis response, women’s empowerment, food and nutrition security, and sexual and reproductive health.

Beyond Conflict

Beyond Conflict is revolutionizing the fields of conflict resolution, reconciliation and positive social change through the application of brain and behavioral science.

Atma Connect

Atma Connect aims to empower vulnerable communities on the front lines of disaster with communication and tools to prepare for, respond to, and prevent disasters.

Africa’s Voices

Africa's Voices deploys novel mixed methods to engage citizens in large-scale discussions while applying tailored technology for scaling that allows local and international organizations to put citizens' voices at the core of their work and enhance their impact.

211 Maryland

2-1-1 Maryland works to connect people with access to health and human services resources through 24/7 support via a hotline, text or chat.


Cell-Ed offers a complete mobile solution for employers and education providers to reach, retain and upskill millions of low-skilled, low-literate, low-wage workers worldwide on any mobile device – from smartphones to tablets to computers to even flip phones – with no internet connection or data plan needed.


Kinvolved galvanizes students, parents, teachers, leaders, and community stakeholders around a shared goal: To increase student achievement by minimizing absenteeism.


BRIDGEGOOD, a project of Oakland Digital, is dedicated to bridging the tech gap for underrepresented communities.

Douar Tech

Douar Tech aims to provide technological skills training to rural communities in Morocco.

Hack the Hood

Hack the Hood introduces members of under-resourced communities of color to careers in tech.


Inclusion seeks to empower underserved communities through coding programs.

Law Centres Network

Law Centres Network defends the legal rights of people who cannot afford a lawyer.


Tarjimly is a tech nonprofit committed to improving the lives of the world’s 23 million refugees by eliminating language barriers.


TalkingPoints unlocks the potential of all families to support their children's learning by meaningfully connecting them with their school communities through two-way translated messages and support, especially in underserved, diverse communities.


Streetwide built and manages Detention Lifeline, a first of its kind call center and CRM dedicated to immigrants and asylum seekers currently imprisoned in detention facilities.

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, which has recently merged with Center on Addiction, provides families with the tools they need to take effective action for their child’s addiction.


Kiva is an international nonprofit that expands financial access to help underserved communities thrive.


DoSomething is the largest tech organization focused on activating young people to make positive change both online and offline through campaigns that make an impact.

CommunityConnect Labs

CommunityConnect Labs provides high quality and affordable tools for government and service providers to reach low-income and hard-to-engage individuals.

Benefits Data Trust

Benefits Data Trust helps people live healthier, more independent lives by creating smarter ways to access essential benefits and services.


Edovo’s mission is to help everyone connected to incarceration build better lives by providing meaningful access to education, communication, and self-improvement tools.

Caravan Studios

Caravan Studios build apps that help communities organize, access, and apply local resources to their most pressing problems, including 4Bells, a tool to deploy volunteers to complete urgent, time-sensitive work.

International Rescue Committee

The IRC responds to some of the world's worst crises, delivering aid that saves lives while paving the way for long-term recovery. They are developing an SMS-based system to improve client-caseworker communications for newly resettled refugees in the U.S.


Mind Right provides personalized, evidence-informed mental health coaching over text message to inner-city youth of color to empower them to heal from trauma from systemic oppression.

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line quickly connects teens and adults struggling with suicidal thoughts, addiction, and other crises with counselors trained to help.


Hustle is a text messaging platform that combines the power of one-to-one human connection with a robust technology engine that enables organizations to communicate at scale.


CareMessage helps make underserved populations healthier by empowering healthcare organizations with mobile technologies to improve health literacy and self-health management, while fostering more efficient care delivery.

Democracy Works

Democracy Works ensures that everyone has the opportunity to vote, by building the tools needed to upgrade the infrastructure of our democracy and improve the voting experience for voters and election officials alike.

Fast Forward

Through training, funding, and mentorship programs, Fast Forward gives tech-based nonprofits the infrastructure they need to tackle global and social problems.

Level Playing Field Institute

Level Playing Field Institute is committed to eliminating the barriers faced by underrepresented people of color in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and fostering their untapped talent for the advancement of our nation.

Lesbians Who Tech

Lesbians Who Tech increases representation of queer and gender nonconforming persons in the tech community with their annual conferences, local events, mentorship, and scholarship programs.

Mission Asset Fund

Mission Asset Fund helps those in need gain financial stability and build credit by offering zero interest lending through lending circles and other loan products.

OpenGov Foundation

OpenGov Foundation makes it easier for citizens to see, shape, and understand their government, while helping elected officials meaningfully engage at scale with their constituents, delivering digital democracy with open-source tools.

Trek Medics

Trek Medics sets up emergency communications systems in developing countries using the Twilio communications backbone. Where there is no proverbial 911, they build a 911.


#YesWeCode is on a mission to help 100,000 young women and men from underrepresented backgrounds find success in the tech sector.

Code for America

Code for America helps governments work better for everyone through the people and the power of the web.